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2019 Cinsault

2021 SF Chronicle Wine Competition
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Bechtholdt Vineyard
Mokelumne River

The Bechthold Vineyard was planted in 1886 and is home to the world's oldest surviving Cinsault vines. The thick-trunked and gnarly twisted vines resemble short trees rather than grape vines. It was also named "Vineyard of the Year" at the 2014 California State Fair. A light-bodied wine with low tannins, seductively perfumed with herbs de Provence, and brimming with mouthwatering flavors of dried cherry, blood orange, rhubarb, a hint of clove, barrel spice, and a rich vibrant glow. This delicate vintage is perfect to pair with a daytime picnic and is best served slightly chilled (50 – 55 ĚŠ F). Buvez!

Ancient Cinsault vines planted in 1886.
Bechtold Vineyard, Mokelumne River

Vintage 2019
Wine Style Red Wine
Size 750 ml