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VARIETAL. 100% Chardonnay

Santa Cruz Mountains

A decadent white port, which was barrel-aged using the traditional and labor intensive “solera” aging process, enabling us to blend six different vintages together over a period of years. The “solera” aging method, instead of emptying the entire barrel, only a portion of the wine is removed (typically ½ of the barrel). The rest of that original wine remains behind, and then the next vintage is added to restore the barrel to full capacity. This allows the wine to become infused with the complex and delicate flavors of the oak barrels. Liquid Love.

Color: Amber
Aroma: Aromatic notes of citrus and fig.
Palate: It has a luscious, hedonistic mouth-feel with hints of honey, apple and sweet tangerine, and a velvety finish of creamy butterscotch and caramel.

The perfect accompaniment to foie gras. It will also pair beautifully with tiramisu, cheesecake, panna cotta or creme brûlée.

Area of Origin: Los Angeles, California
Alcohol Content: 19.5%
Aging Potential: Drink now through next 100-years
Serving Temperature: 60-65°F
Total Production: 7 Barrels
Wine Style Dessert Wine / Port
Appellation Santa Cruz Mountains
Size 375 ml