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2017 Port

Signature Dessert Wine
Central Coast

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Our latest vintage of this opulent fortified wine is comprised of 50% Zinfandel and 50% Petite Sirah. The natural fermentation was terminated after just a few days by adding high proof grape alcohol, and the two lots were then barrel aged separately in French oak for 18-months before blending. The richness of the Petite Sirah is complemented beautifully by the fruit and spice of the Zinfandel. It has a deep youthful ruby color, and a vibrant fruity nose crammed with medjool dates, raspberry, cinnamon and gingerbread aromas interwoven with notes of cayenne pepper. Enjoy this ambrosial delight at cellar temperature with roasted or grilled game meats, dark chocolate, pungent cheeses and dried fruit, or on its own after a meal. It comes in a generously sized 750ml bottle, and the high alcohol content will permit it to last for months after it is first uncorked. Pure decadence!
Wine Style Dessert Wine / Port
Size 750 ml