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2018 Mission Angelica 500ml

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2021 SF Chronicle Wine Competition

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Mokelumne River

The Mission grape was first introduced to this part of the world by Franciscan padres in the mid 18th Century and it dominated the state's wine production up until about the 1849 Gold Rush. Those early friars recognized that retaining residual sugar was the secret to prolonging the life and improving the flavor of their sacramental wines, and by adding grape brandy to the Mission grape juice they were able to create a sweet-tasting wine with high alcohol content that they called "Angelica". Today, the Mission grape is close to extinction, but here at Picchetti we have made it our “mission” to prevent this ancient grape varietal from becoming a mere footnote in wine history. Our newly released 2018 Mission Angelica is resplendent with delicate aromas of honeysuckle, rose petal and rock candy, succulent flavors of cream soda and lemon zest, and a long finish reminiscent of honeydew melon. Pair this unique dessert wine with fresh fruit and soft cheeses or serve it as an aperitivo with “ice and a slice” (on the rocks with a twist of lemon). Delizioso!

Classic Mission Angelica Recipe
Vintage 2018
Wine Style Dessert & Fortified Wines
Size 750 ml